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Günther Daubach, Dipl.-Ing.

Im Eulenflug 25

D-51399 Burscheid, Germany

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AG Köln, HRB 49992

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Company Profile

MDA has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of software development, hardware design, embedded controller design, technical documentation, training, and related areas.

Please refer to the list below for an outline of our current major activities, and don't hesitate to contact us for more information via Phone, FAX or eMail.

Applications for the Parallax SX Microcontrollers:

Commercial and Technical PC Application Development

Operating Systems:

Programming Languages:

Applications for Handheld Computers and Barcode Data Acquisition:

RS-232/I2C-Adapter and Parallel-I/O Module

This module translates simple commands received via an RS-232 interface to the I2C protocol in order to control components and modules via the I2C bus, and to return read data and status information via RS-232.

It can also be used as an I2C monitor. In this special operation mode, the module "inspects" the I2C bus, and reports all detected activities via the RS-232 interface.

In addition, eight input lines, and five output lines can be directly set or read. 16 bit counters are assigned to each of the eight input lines that will increment on rising signal edges. These counters can be read or reset by special commands separately, or in total.

Furthermore, an optional watchdog function is implemented. Please click here for the most recent documentation (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this information).



This is an extract of the publisher's comments on the book:

Published by Parallax Press, this new text was read with interest by our technical staff.

For those in education or simply interested in advancing their microcontroller programming skills this book provides an interactive way to learn assembly language. Guenther Daubach's Programming the SX Microcontroller is a complete getting started reference.

This book covers the following:

Reference Applications (a Selection of Recent Projects):

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